Please Note: Patty is retiring and not accepting new or returning clients

Online counseling to help people live more satisfying lives one change at a time

If you suffer from anxiety or depression and have been considering 'talking to someone" pay attention to what your mind and body are telling you   If you are feeling unsettled, stressed or confused it's probably time to explore and evaluate what kinds of changes in your life might be helpful.  Through compassionate listening, a calm presence, honest feedback and a focus on results, I teach tools for change to adults in Colorado, Indiana and Alaska. With over 30 years experience I offer online counseling for adults who are motivated to explore ways to make their lives more fulfilling and satisfying. Whether you are seeking behavioral change for a specific situation or simply for self growth I teach strategies and tools that can last the rest of your life.   

Patricia Lee, MA, MEd, LPC

As a Licensed Professional since 1990 I have counseled adults, couples and school-aged children in my Colorado Springs office.  In May 2020, I made the decision to give up my brick and mortar office and I now work only online.  I had been preparing and training for several years to move my practice online so Covid-19 just urged me to take action.  As a result, while others have had to acquire and learn the technology and gain experience with telemental health, I have been able to hit the ground running.

Online counseling is just the next evolution in the 30 years of my counseling practice.  Over the years I have added tools like hypnotherapy; additional licensure (now Colorado, Indiana and Alaska); and expanded treatment to additional issues such as body focused repetitive disorders (like hair pulling and skin picking) and OCD.  One thing that has not changed, however, is my emphasis on providing compassionate, results-focused guidance to every client. With my experience, I now focus on the client issues I most enjoy and for which I am most effective (find them here). 

You can learn more about me and the evolution of my practice here.


What is online counseling?

Online counseling – also referred to as telemental health, e-therapy, video therapy or virtual therapy – is mental health therapy using video, text, email or telephone with hardware and software that is secure and that meets HIPAA requirements.   My counseling sessions with you are by video using my electronic practice management system on which you register prior to your first visit.  We may sometimes have phone sessions when technology isn’t cooperating. In addition, email and texting can be appropriate in certain situations and when done using HIPAA secure and encrypted means, which I provide for my clients. 

Advantages to online counseling include convenience, affordability, flexible scheduling, and accessibility for those with physical limitations or who live in remote or rural areas.  Research has repeatedly shown that online counseling using cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is as effective as in-office therapy for many conditions.