Anxiety Is One of the Easiest Conditions To Treat

Anxiety encompasses everything from an underlying, pervasive sense of unease that won’t seem to go away to full blown panic attacks.  Obsessive thinking and compulsive acting to ease the anxiety from obsessive thinking can keep you locked into a repetitive behavior pattern that becomes totally out of control.  There are phobias too numerous to list and anxieties about being in enclosed places where you feel like you can’t escape.  Plus the anxiety of even being in a social situation to begin with.  None of it is fun or fair and seems formidable to tackle.  But with drive and lots of persistence you can manage your anxiety and begin to enjoy life again.

In our online sessions together you will receive compassionate and brief, yet results-focused counseling.  I will help you take control of your anxiety so that it no longer controls you.  Together we will focus on solutions tailored to your particular situation.

Your therapy may include:

  • learning self hypnosis

  • changing the way you think and talk to yourself about your anxiety

  • using guided imagery between sessions

  • downloading anxiety self help apps and using between sessions

  • cognitive behavioral techniques to help you monitor your thoughts so you can choose new behaviors and responses

  • exploring new relaxation strategies such as yoga, meditation, moving meditation and biofeedback.

If you sincerely want to take charge of your anxiety and live life the way you want I can definitely help you.  It will take hard work, persistence and a “can do” attitude.  This isn’t an endeavor for wimps. I’m ready to be your guide.  Are you ready?


Free relaxation recording by Patty to stream or download. 

Check out these apps.  Most have free versions.

  • Unwinding Anxiety offers a  self guided coaching program  for managing anxiety.  This isn’t free but if you contact me I will give you a 20% discount code.  It’s well worth the investment.