Compassionate, results-focused guidance

Do you feel like you are in a hole you can't climb out of?  Would you like guidance, options and a new perspective?  I will be your compassionate and caring guide and partner in change as you explore what is not working in your life and try out new behaviors, choices and ways of being.  Our relationship will focus on you getting the results you want to lead a more satisfying life.  I have over 30 years counseling experience in Colorado Springs helping people like you to become unstuck and move on in new ways.



Do you wake up feeling tense, anxious and jittery?  Have you visited the emergency room with  a tingling or numbness in your arm and a racing heart and feared you were having a heart attack?

Anxiety is one of easiest conditions to treat.

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Habits and OCD

Do you run late because you have to check the back door lock three times before leaving the house?   Are you self conscious of your appearance because you pull hair from your scalp or eyelashes? 

OCD is treatable.

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Stress Management

Stress can make a mess of your mental outlook, dampen your spirit and play havoc with your body.  But you already know that, don't you?  But do you know interesting and fulfilling ways to manage your stress?

Managing your stress differently is definitely possible.

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When you are depressed you may overeat, be unable to concentrate, sleep more, feel bad about yourself and have low energy. Not to mention the feelings of guilt or shame that can lead to feeling hopeless.

The good news is that there is hope and help for depression.

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Caregiver Stress

Some assume the role of caregiver out of choice with a loving heart and giving spirit.  Others assume the role because they must and may be frustrated, angry or feel cheated.

Caregivers need care, too.

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Hypnotherapy is a fast, effective and safe way to change behaviors.  It can be used for a wide variety of purposes including childbirth, stress, smoking cessation, anxiety and weight loss.

Curious  whether this is right for you?

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Grief and Loss

When a person or pet you love dies it is natural to grieve.  Loss of a friendship, job, home or way of life can lead to grieving as well.  It may consume you for some time or you may not grieve right away.

Grieving has no timetable.  It takes as long as it takes.

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Adult ADHD

Are you easily bored?  Do others accuse you of not listening?  Do you procrastinate until the very last minute?  Does your desk look like a tornado hit?  Do you have another family member with ADHD?

Adult ADHD can be both a blessing and a curse.

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Military Family Life

You're moving again and you thought you were staying three years. You love your job and now  your spouse has to go where duty calls.  You finally have a primary care doctor you like and now you have to find another one.


A military family requires its own kind of support.  

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