Good news - there is hope and help for depression

The most effective treatment for depression includes a combination of exercise, counseling and medication (when needed).  Through compassionate and brief, yet results-focused counseling I will help you change your behaviors, your thoughts, your self-talk and your depression.  Together we will focus on solutions tailored to your particular situation.





Your counseling will involve a number of different approaches and techniques including:

  • Hypnosis and guided imagery for enhancing self esteem

  • Cognitive behavioral techniques to teach self awareness of thoughts and self talk.

  • Mindfulness techniques to enhance relaxation

  • EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing) for transforming traumatic memories into more neutral ones.

  • Reframing old learnings into new lessons appropriate for your life today

  • Homework assignments designed for practicing behavior changes between sessions.

Working with depression includes a fair amount of exploring and playing detective to find the triggers and factors leading up to and maintaining depression.  It won’t, however, involve spending lots of time in the past trying to fix something that can’t be fixed.  We will use that information to help you create the “you” that will help you live life today the way you’d like.


Anxiety and Depression Association of America.  Excellent site for general information.

Mood GymSelf help cognitive-behavioral program for depression

The Depression Learning Path ebook.    Excellent resource, easy to read, a must in your quest to conquer depression.