The FAQs about hypnotherapy


What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a state of inner aborption, concentration and focused attention resulting in various levels of of altered state or trance.  Trance is a scary word to some people and it only means the altered, relaxed state you feel.

How will I know I'm hypnotized?

You won't.  You will be feeling very relaxed, calm, peaceful and aware.

Is it true that not everyone can be hypnotized?

It is true that not everyone will allow him/herself to be guided into a state of hypnosis.  However, everyone can and does experience altered states naturally every day, to one degree or another.  Intense pain, driving home on automatic pilot, losing oneself in music and meditating all are altered states of being.

Is hypnosis safe?

Yes.  You will be conscious and aware during your hypnotherapy experience. You will feel very peaceful and relaxed.  I utilize hypnosis for therapy, not entertainment.  I am not trained in stage hypnosis. 

I'm afraid I will lose control and do something crazy or irresponsible.

Your unconscious mind will not allow you to do anything that is not in your best interest.  Hypnotized people you see in stage shows have given themselves permission to do things they might not ordinarily do.

Will hypnosis help me lose weight or stop smoking?

Hypnosis is a powerful tool that is very effective for achieving healthier lifestyles including weight loss and smoking cessation.  It is powerfully effective for anxiety, fears, childbirth, surgical anxiety, rapid healing, chronic pain and many physical conditions.


Will hypnotherapy work online?

I use hypnotherapy online for some clients, depending on your goals.