Manage Anxiety and Fear with Hypnosis ... Naturally


Anyone who experiences anxiety knows it can limit your everyday life and some days even seem to consume it.  Hypnosis can help you lessen your anxiety to a manageable level, whatever that level is for you.  It may even diminish your anxiety to the point that it's not even noticeable.  Sounds enticing, doesn't it?

Anyone can experience hypnosis, even those who think they can't "go under" because hypnosis is a naturally occurring state we all experience many times every day.  Perhaps you can recall a time when you arrived home without remembering the drive.  You were essentially on automatic pilot or in an altered state, what is called trance state in hypnosis.  Trance is a very natural, normal occurrence.

When someone suffers from an anxiety attack they are basically already in an altered state.  Not a comfortable state, mind you, but it is definitely an altered state from their usual state of being.  Learning self-hypnosis by experiencing trance with a trained professional is a great way to learn to reduce your fears, lessen your anxiety and reduce your stress.  Best of all, hypnosis helps you regain self-control in your life because you are choosing if, when, and how to alter your experience and you can decide what you want that experience to be..
Remember that when you are in a hypnotic trance you are in complete control of how deeply you allow yourself to go.  As a therapist utilizing hypnosis I cannot control your mind.  I cannot make you do anything you would not consciously allow yourself to do.  Hypnosis is a perfectly safe and effective tool that always yields the added benefit of enhanced calmness and relaxation.  I've never known anyone -- and I have worked with many over the course of the 20 years I've been doing hypnotherapy-- who didn't enjoy the relaxing experience of hypnosis.
I specialize in treating people of all ages who suffer from anxiety.  Besides teaching you self-hypnosis, I will help you to identify and change your thoughts and self-talk so you can then change your behavior.  We will explore areas of your life that create anxiety and plan changes you can make to enjoy a more happy and satisfying life.

Let hypnosis work for you. There's no time like the present to begin enjoying change.  Schedule your appointment with me now.