A military family requires its own kind of support

In my years of work as a Military Family Life Consultant (MFLC) at Fort Carson I felt very privileged to learn the ins and outs of military family life.  I don’t claim to be an expert and I’m not part of a military family so haven’t experienced first hand the stresses military families experience but from my MFLC experience I have learned a new respect for what service members and their families are called on to endure, sacrifice, adapt to and even enjoy.

I learned about the Family readiness group and how some spouses come to depend on one another for support and how others have less than positive experiences.  I learned how marriages between young people are often troubled by lack of modeling, poor communication skills and infidelity.  I learned how seasoned marriages are stressed by repeated deployments and how spouses struggle with the aftermath of PTSD with little to no support from family or friends.  I learned how some units support their soldiers in looking after their own self care and that of their families and how others put roadblocks in the way.  I also learned how seriously soldiers take their service to their country.

During recent years I’ve counseled many, many military spouses and couples.  I listen, I understand as best I can based on my experience counseling as an MFLC and value the trust placed in me.  I hope you will allow me to be your partner in change as you work through tough times as individuals and as couples.