Good, productive therapy does not have to be a year long process.  It CAN be long but it doesn't have to be.  Solutions-focused brief therapy emphasizes making dynamic changes in a brief amount of time, usually four to twelve sessions, sometimes less.  In my counseling practice my average number of sessions per client is eight.  Granted, I sometimes see people far longer than that and sometimes even for only one or two sessions, but on the average people experience the changes they desire within eight sessions.

There are many theoretical orientations to counseling and solutions-focused brief therapy is just one.  It utilizes cognitive-behavioral techniques to help you become aware of how your thoughts and self-talk affect your feelings and behaviors. That awareness can lead to rapid, significant change in a short amount of time.


Most important in solutions-focused therapy is the "focus". 

Patty Lee

How can change happen so rapidly?  Sometimes people have waited so long to seek help they are desperately ready for change and are highly motivated to work hard in session and between sessions.  Generally speaking, the more motivated someone is to make changes, the more quickly change occurs.  Sometimes a person may begin to accept or come to terms with a life situation and find that with that acceptance they are more able to cope, or even better, may find themselves enjoying life more.

Often times couples who simply want a booster shot of communication skills make rapid progress and find themselves enjoying their relationship more in a short amount of time.  Sometimes one partner or the other may decide to explore personal issues that may slow down or even postpone couples issues for a while.  At times, once an individual issue is worked through, the couple's issues go away.  Imagine that!!

Most important in solutions-focused therapy is the "focus".  My job as your therapist is to keep you focused on the desired outcome and to not allow you to stay bogged down in the problem.  There will be times when you'd much rather complain and whine and feel sorry for yourself and you can expect me to encourage and prod you along on the road to discovering your own solutions and implementing them.   Solutions-focused therapy isn't for whiners and complainers.  It is for people who want to reap the rewards of change quickly.  I encourage you to give it a try.